AIM Learning System Pilot From Talogy, A Lifelong Learner Holdings Business, Highlights Why Hybrid Working Needs a New Approach to Talent Development 

September 20 – Glendale, CA – Insights from a talent development project with a large US metropolitan public works department have highlighted the key learning challenges faced by managers in today’s hybrid workplace. 

  • In May 2022 when evaluating their confidence in managing hybrid employees, 53% of managers rated their confidence 3 or below on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being high. 
  • In the same month, 57% of managers rated their knowledge 3 or below, with only 5% achieving the high rating of 5. 

This clearly shows that managers needed a different way of learning than a traditional training program. Talogy, a Lifelong Learner Holdings (LLH) business, conducted a pilot program with the large metropolitan public works department. Piloting the new AIM Learning System, which provides a more holistic approach to talent development and is designed to drive lasting behavioral change, managers undertook a blended learning and action-oriented approach. 

The results demonstrated the difference that can be made by changing the approach to learning and development. 85% of participants felt that the diverse modes of learning made the experience more engaging and effective. 90% believed that the knowledge and skills learned will directly support them in managing effectively in a hybrid work environment. 

Responses from participants after the pilot AIM Learning System program highlighted the improvements in knowledge and confidence. 

  • In August 2022, 92% of managers rated their confidence on a 4 or 5 scale, an increase of 45% compared to May 2022. 
  • Equally, 91% of managers rated their knowledge on a 4 or 5 scale, an increase of 48% compared to May 2022. 

“The pandemic accelerated the change that was already happening in learning and development. Over the past year, we have focused on making new, innovative enhancements to our AIM Learning System, bringing in team problem-solving challenges that were influenced by new modes of working, an improved learning experience, and active and engaging participation,” says Rebecca Parkerson, Director of Talent Solutions at Talogy. 

“AIM provides a solution to how dispersed teams can operate more effectively together, offering a development journey that helps create cohesive, collaborative, and highly productive teams combined with an individual approach that makes a lasting difference in behavior and performance.” 

Participants can take part in: 

  • Virtual Team Challenges: Teams problem-solving together with an experience similar to a virtual escape room. Training can take place over a defined period with asynchronous communication via a chat function to foster engagement. Supported by full data and documentation. 
  • Virtual Classrooms: Engaging teams with instructor-led sessions to connect learning to real world team priorities. Fully interactive, participants are actively involved to promote lasting behavioral change. 
  • Personalized Development Journeys: Following individual assessments, expert consultants help to identify gaps. This might include improving communication or embracing diversity, and individuals are provided with personalized learning journeys that build on their strengths, providing a strong foundation for development. 
  • Digital Microlearning Courses: Short learning modules that can be completed on the go and on mobile devices, providing learners with foundational awareness of key concepts associated with their identified learning goals. 

Talogy’s combination of psychology and technology to solve talent challenges is exemplified with the new AIM Learning System by creating personalized learning journeys based on individual development needs and proven science. With the opportunity to be integrated with a client’s existing technology and learning systems, it’s easy for individuals to access learning and have a fun experience. The fully blended learning approach and customized development paths mean individuals and teams are engaged with learning that is best suited to how and where they work. 

Talogy has developed the AIM Learning System to: 

  • Target talent development to address business-critical objectives 
  • Create a great participant experience with personalized development journeys 
  • Harness the power of cohort learning and drive real-world learning transfer 
  • Apply best practice e-adult learning and development principles to foster behavioral change 
  • Leverage rich analytics to guide Talent Management strategies 

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