Who We Are

Lifelong Learner Holdings and its brands represent a unique fusion of comprehensive workforce solutions, always with the human-first focus of changing lives through assessment. Whether it’s helping advance educational and career aspirations, earning or maintaining licensing or certifications, or providing the tools to develop leaders, we are here to make those goals a reality.

Lifelong Learner Holdings and Its Brands Represent the Best Within Their Industries.

Lifelong Learner Holdings and its brands represent a unique fusion of comprehensive workforce and career solutions, always with a human-first focus. Our offerings empower lifelong learners around the world, supporting them along their career paths and helping them meet their full potential.

Our History

Lifelong Learner Holdings was created to encompass the full house of brands
that have been strategically acquired throughout the years since 1946.
Lifelong Learner Holdings' (LLH) talent management unit launches its new brand Talogy. PSI and Talogy under the LLH umbrella, continue to bring best in-class assessment solutions to the market.
Lifelong Learner Holdings invests in strategic acquisitions expanding its Talent Management unit into new territories.
LLH launches solutions to the market to help people and organizations navigate the pandemic and the challenges it created for credentialing and talent management.
Lifelong Learner Holdings is born as PSI invests in key acquisitions, Cubiks and Caliper, and creates two separate divisions: the Talent Management division and the Credentialing division.
PSI regains dominance in the Talent Management market through strategic acquisitions including Select International and JCA Global.
PSI acquires Performance Assessment Network (PAN), thus creating a platform for growth in the Talent Management market and leadership in the Federal Assessment vertical.
PSI merges with AMP to create a global leader in the credentialing business and expands into Healthcare, IT Certification and UK markets. PSI’s first online proctoring tool goes live.
Waud Capital acquires PSI and, along with their management team, creates a vision to build a market leader in the global assessment industry.
PSI enters the Insurance Licensure market with their first insurance testing program.
PSI’s first acquisition, LaserGrade, opens the doors to the Aviation and Certification markets.
PSI reaches the goal of having 100 test centers nationwide.
PSI begins testing over the internet.
PSI begins computer-based testing for Corporate Assessments.
PSI enters the US State Licensure market by winning three new real estate programs in Virginia, Iowa, and Wisconsin.
PSI publishes the Basic Skills Test (BST) series of tests.
Caliper, who is later acquired by Lifelong Learner Holdings in fall of 2019, is founded to fulfill a request to select effective insurance sales agents and figure out a problem with existing assessments at the time, known as “acute fakability.”
PSI publishes its first intellectual property – the Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS) series of assessments.
PSI, which later grows into Lifelong Learner Holdings, is founded by Floyd E. Ruch to help integrate young adults coming back from World War II into the workforce.
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Lifelong Learner Holdings and its subsidiaries change lives and shape futures through assessment. I am truly honored to lead this organization through its vision.

Stephen Tapp
Chief Executive Officer