Our Culture

Everything we do at Lifelong Learner Holdings revolves around shaping the future of individuals and organizations. Everyone has single moments in their lives that changed everything. LLH is committed to making those moments count for our employees as well. 

LLH Purpose

Every hire or promotion made, and every license or certification earned, is the empowerment of another member of the global labor force, confirming they have the requisite skills, competencies, and traits needed to perform at optimal levels in their career. These high performers drive an organization’s success with their skills, leadership, and knowledge. Sometimes, it’s a student who tests their understanding of the materials taught in a real estate course, other times it may be a manager who successfully schedules interviews with high-quality candidates, knowing they have passed LLH customized assessments, other times it’s that star performer that you can develop into a leader. When you have the right people, in the right job, with the right knowledge and skills, everybody wins. 

Join our Family

Our people are the best part of our organization. LLH takes pride in rooting itself on the principle that people connecting with one another is the most powerful way for us to succeed. Not only in how we collaborate, but also in how we share news, celebrate special occasions, find time to share laughs, and have fun. We communicate this across the company through our intranet, Connect. 

We are always seeking talented, dedicated individuals to join our teams across a variety of areas and disciplines. If you are interested in any of our available opportunities, we encourage you to apply and learn more. 

LLH Values

The pursuit of our mission and vision is facilitated by the guiding principles of our core values. We live by these every day, and they enable our people to make the most out of their great talents. 

When we say we are dependable at LLH, we are holding ourselves accountable for honoring our commitments, working with care and rigor, and exceeding expectations. 
In embracing a diverse workforce, we value all perspectives and open dialogue, seek to build an inclusive culture, and strive to develop solutions and measures that are universal and fair. 
At LLH, creativity means we are enthusiastically open to new ideas and ways of operating. Curiosity leads to innovation, and innovation is essential to growth and continuous improvement.
We’re only as good as our people. LLH values, respects and believes in the talents and worth of every individual. Nothing we do is possible without each person’s contributions, and we recognize these accomplishments are responsible for building what LLH has become today.
We are here to cultivate relationships both inside and outside of our corporate walls. Internally, we foster teamwork and cooperation between business units, across global teams, and throughout varying levels of the organization. Externally, it’s the spirit of service with which we approach all interactions with clients and candidates. 

We offer a comprehensive benefits program to help you protect what matters most—the health and financial security of you and your family. We recognize that along with salary, employee benefits are a valuable component to your total compensation. LLH takes pride in being highly competitive in our offerings.

Health Benefits

All plans embrace important wellness components including preventive care for all ages and stages of life. Medical, Dental, and Vision are designed with you and your family in mind.

Work Life Balance

Everyone needs time away from work to recharge, take care of your health, spend time with friends and family, and to support causes important to employees.

Planning for Future

We recognize wellness is more than physical health—it is financial health as well.


Employees can take advantage of additional services, discounts, and team events.


We strive to make a difference supporting various community events and charities, and we encourage our employees to get involved across all of our offices.

D&I at Lifelong Learner Holdings

Lifelong Learner Holdings is a company where you can bring your authentic self to work. We value our differences and pursue understanding everyone’s unique perspectives. Our global D&I Team is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion through education, awareness, communication, and allyship. We never want to stop learning about one another and celebrating who we are. To remain committed and accountable, we continuously run D&I initiatives to go above and beyond being a committed equal opportunity employer and abiding by all fair labor laws. Some of those initiatives include:

  • We have embedded embracing diversity as a key performance indicator in our management programs.

  • We partner with our D&I Center of Excellence (CoE) group whose members represent multiple countries from around the globe and a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to ensure we bring best practices to our initiatives.

  • We promote volunteering in the communities in which we live and work by providing a paid “Volunteer Day” so employees can spend their time engaging with a charity in their community.

  • We have implemented apprenticeship, mentoring, and buddy programs, which according to recent research have proven to be some of the most effective D&I interventions an organization can make.

Guide stands for Guiding, Understanding, Inspiring, Developing, and Empowering, all of which are capabilities expected of our managers so that they can effectively support our employees. The program is designed to grow these skills through a series of live workshops and online modules, spread evenly across a four-month span. 

LEAD stands for Leadership, Excellence, and Development. It’s an 11-month journey for senior leaders to grow their leadership skills and develop readiness for future business growth. 

PeerConnect is our mentoring platform. It enables employees across Lifelong Learner Holdings, PSI, and Talogy with the opportunity to find mentors that will support their career development. Employees can participate in two such programs. 

Lifelong Learner Holdings Cares

Societal and environmental impact is a priority at LLH. We are committed to reducing our footprint through products and services within our organization. Our LLH Cares Team is dedicated to partnering with charities in the outside communities in which we live and work, where our impact can be felt most directly. Many of our programs are recommended by our employees because they are personally important to themselves and their community, and we actively encourage LLH staff to take part in volunteering, fundraising, and community initiatives, and to share their stories through our LLH Newsletter.


Our Community Outreach has included such initiatives as:

  • Raising funds for a local soup kitchen  
  • Supporting a music program for a community in Mexico  
  • Purchasing school uniforms for an inner-city elementary school  
  • Delivering toys to children battling cancer  
  • Supporting the rebuild of a school devastated by the earthquake in Haiti  


Our Environmental Actions include:

  • Employees receive environmental and sustainability training.  
  • An environmental and sustainability committee to create a community where ideas are discussed around what employees and individuals can do to reduce LLH’s carbon footprint and what positive steps can be take to improve our environmental impact. 
  • Our Green Team works with senior management to review and continually improve our initiatives.  
  • We strice to engage with local suppliers and businesses to meet the business’s operational needs, in order to support our own area and decrease our carbon footprint.